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ORACLE BPEL Batch Processing Using Transform Function

Posted by Shibu on December 3, 2007

In my previous blog I explaied how to do batch process using while process. One issue with while loop is that in the BPEL Console, when you try to view the process instance, it may take a long time for the page to display the instance if there are lot of iterations. Because each iteration is displayed in the instance diagram. Just imagine if you file has 200-300 records?
Another way to achieve batch processing is to use Transfrom function. Overall diagram will be as shown on the left. Here you do not have to define variable for count of records or iterations. After the initial “ReadFile (Invoke)” activity, create a new transfrom activity. Edit your transformation as shown below (Click on image to view in detail)
Note that for-each function is added to the Customer Node so that the next process is repeated for each Customer Node.


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