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Why SOA is Successful?

Posted by Shibu on March 20, 2008

If I try to explain SOA or define what is SOA, I think it is just waste of my time and your’s too (if you are reading this post!!). Because, I think anyone in IT industry might have at least heard once, what is SOA or what it can do? I just want to dig into the evolution of SOA and figure out how it became the current BUZZ.

The technologist’s quest for interoperability has its roots way back decades ago. Industry leaders and researchers are constantly trying to find a solution where communication between different computer system is possible without loss of meaning. By meaning, I meant data should be interpreted by the same way in all systems. This effort of companies resulted in the paradigms, OMG’s (1991) Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), Javasoft’s JAVA/ Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Microsoft’s Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM)

Have you ever thought why CORBA did not become popular? I agree that it did not had the flexible standard interface language (XML) which currently is the basis of SOA. CORBA uses IDL (Interface definition language) which can be mapped to a number of existing languages. CORBA enabled distribution of objects implemented in a variety of programming languages using IDL. CORBA was much supported by Oracle and Netscape. DCOM was supported by Microsoft.

Technology world is ruled by big corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SUN. So for any standard/technology to become popular it needs the blessings from these corporations. When Microsoft and others differed in their architecture for distributed computing, other vendors where in limbo as which technology their product should base on. You can see the same issue today with the DVD formats, if it is Blue Ray or High Definition DVD? After Wal-Mart pulls out all High Definition DVD’s from its store in June’ 08, do you think HD DVD supporters can survive? of course it will die.

I guess this is exactly what is behind the success of current SOA. Once Microsoft agreed on and started support on WebService with other major players like Oracle, IBM and Sun, this became widely accepted by all other vendors. Other vendors can confidently market their product based on SOA as it will most probably accepted by their client!!


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