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Getting Started with Oracle BAM

Posted by Shibu on March 27, 2008

What is Business Activity Monitor (BAM) ? BAM is not a just a tool for reporting or creating executive dashboards. BAM provides the ability to take corrective action in production environment by using real-time operational dashboards and monitoring business process/services or alerts.

Once you install Oracle BAM, you will get four components. You should navigate to the start page which is by default http://localhost:/oraclebm. Once you authenticate yourself using the username/password you used while installation, you will receive the starting page. In this starting page you can see link to Active Viewer, Active Studio, Architect and Administrator.

I will explain how to create a simple report by connecting to an Oracle Database. First step you have to do is to create an external data source. In order to do this, click on the Architect link. Select “External Data Sources” from the top left corner from the Architect screen. You should get screen like below

Click on the Create link. You should get a screen like shown below.
As you can see in the picture enter a name and description for the Data Source. In the Driver field enter “Microsoft ODBC for Oracle”. This should be entered exactly as you can see in the “ODBC Data Source Administrator” screen. Enter user name and password for the Oracle Database. In the Connection String field enter “server=”.

Now that you have created an external data source, you are ready to create data objects.

Choose “Data Objects” and click on create link. You should get screen shown below.
Enter name of the database object as you like. Click on the “External Data Source” and you can choose the database name in the “External Data Source”. Type in the actual table name in the “External Table Name” field. This should be the actual database table name.
Then click on “Add a field” link and enter proper values for the database table field. External Field Name should be same your database table field name.

You are set to start creating a new report in BAM. What I have done is created a view which shows sum of amount for different countries.

On the start page of BAM, click on “Active Studio”
You should get window like shown on the left side. This shows different templates. You can choose the one that fits your requirements. I have chosen a simple one, first template. Click on the first icon. You can click on the top and enter a title. From the different icons click on “3D Bar Chart”. You will get a window like one shown below right side.

You can choose the data object that you want for this report. Choose the view you have created for this report and press next button. You will get window like show below left side. Choose the fields you want to group by and the fields you want to show as the chart values.

Press next button and you should see your report. If you have created view appropriately you should get a chart like one show on the right side.


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  1. Anonymous said


    This is Ishtiaque from Bangladesh. would you please inform me whether its possible to use BAM with Oracle ERP. If yes then how can we use this.
    My e-mail is ishtiaque@grameenphone.com

    please email me…

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