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Forgot default password for OWSM ?

Posted by Shibu on April 11, 2008

The default password for administration user (admin) of OWSM is oracle. In any case if you are not able to login with that user, you can create a new user with a new password.

Login into the machine where you installed your SOA components. Change your directory to …/owsm/bin. OR just find the file manageUserGroups.properties using command “find . -name manageUserGroups.properties”

Create following entries in the file

user_id=<YOUR USER ID eg: admin1 >
user_name=<YOUR USER NAME eg:admin user name >
user_password=<YOUR PASSWORD eg:welcome1>

group_desc=super user group

Now we will create this user using following commands like below.

wsmadmin.sh manageUserGroups addUser
wsmadmin.sh manageUserGroups  addUserGroup

Try loging with your new user name and password



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