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How to set up your JDeveloper Environment for OAFramework

Posted by Shibu on October 12, 2008

 You can see many notes in metalink as well as many other websites which explains this in detail. However I will just go thru the setups briefly

1)     Download the patch () from Metalink – Note that this patch is just a zip file, you just need to unzip to your directory

2)     Once patch is downloaded click on jdev.exe in from where you unzipped and make sure that you are getting JDeveloper window

3)     You need to download all class files from your JAVA_TOP from the server to desktop. I have downloaded all files, you can just download icx directory. Go to $JAVA_TOP in your server and zip everything from oracle. FTP this zip file to your descktop and unzip to <JDeveloper Install Directory>/jdevhome/jdev/myclasses

4)     Now you have to copy the dbc file from your server to desktop. You should have the dbc file in your server under $FND_TOP/secure directory. Copy the <SID>.dbc file to <JDeveloper Install Directory>/jdevhome/jdev/system9.xxx/oa/dbc_files/secure in your desktop

5)     In JDeveloper, create a new workspace and a new project. Once a project is created, go to the menu “Project” and click on “Project Settings” You should see the screen like below. You should choose your dbc file

Project Settings

Project Settings

6)     You should create a database connection for your server too.


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