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How to extend a VO in Oracle OAFramework

Posted by Shibu on November 10, 2008

Suppose that you want to change the sql in a LOV, how will you do that in oaframework? Ok, first make sure that you did set up your JDeveloper Environment correctly for oaframework. Now enable personalizations. Go to the page which has the LOV that you want to change. Let’s extend supplier lov in the receiving screen in iProcurement. So go to the “Receiving” tab and click on “Return” items. You will get screen like below
Return Items

Return Items

Now click on the LOV “torch” for Supplier field, you should get screen like below.

Supplier LOV

Supplier LOV

In this page click on the “About Page” link at the bottom. Click on the Business Objects and you should get page like below



Now from this screen you should be able to see the VO Name for the LOV. Since we have to change “Supplier” LOV you can figure out that the VO which we have to extend is SupplierAndSiteLovVO

Note the full name of the VO, oracle.apps.icx.lov.server.SupplierAndSiteLovVO. You should have a class named SupplierAndSiteLovVO.class in the directory <JDeveloper Install Directory>/jdevhome/jdev/myclasses/oracle/apps/icx/lov/server

Now in Jdeveloper, click on “Add to <your project name>.jpr….” link in the “Project” menu like below, in my case project name is ExtendLbSolution


When you get “Add Files or Directories to <your project name>.jpr” window, open the server.xml file from <JDeveloper Install Directory>/jdevhome/jdev/myclasses/oracle/apps/icx/lov/server directory. This will create a library in your Jdeveloper project (oracle.apps.icx.server). If you expand this you will see all the VOs and AMs from that directory.

You have to make sure that you have completed these steps before proceeding further.

Now lets extend Oracles’s class SupplierAndSiteLovVO.

1) Now that you have added Oracle library to your project you should get something similar to shown below. Not that I have added oracle.apps.icx.lov.server to my project demo1.jpr



2) Now create a new “Business Components Package”. I created oa.demo so that all my new classes will be deployed in this package. Click on “New” from “File” menu and choose “Business Components Package” like below



3) Now let’s create a new View Object. Like above create a new components and this time choose “View Object” from the “Business Componets (BC4J)” list

4) First you will get the Welcome screen in the wizard click next . Choose oracle.apps.icx.lov.server.SupplierAndSiteLovVo in the “Extends View Object”. Package should be your package name and Name is your package name




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