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A Good E-Commerce Website

Posted by Shibu on September 21, 2007

I recently purchased a DVI/HDMI cable from MonoPrice. If you been on market for these kind of cables you will know how costly it can be if you go to shops like BestBuy, CircuitCity etc. Of course quality of the material might be good. But I don’t think quality is that different with the non-branded cables, at least not for human eye/ear. Not only price was cheap, user interface and response time is amazing. They have auto-responded e-mails immediately (normal with most of the e-commerce sites) with all details, including a USPS shipping number. Great site, I highly recommend if you are looking for any electronic accessories like this.


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Joost – New way of watching full screen TV !

Posted by Shibu on August 22, 2007

You gotta watch this. I am not a fan of watching internet videos as you know most of the time poor quality and if you increase the size quality will be even worse. I changed my opinion of watching video over internet after seeing Joost. It’s from the founders of Skype. TV like programs for totally free.

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My first Blog !

Posted by Shibu on August 3, 2007

Hi !
This is my first blog in the World Wide Blog ! I have been trying to install a server of my own and use some user friendly freeware tool to get this done. After all trials realized that it’s waste of time and energy when there are plenty of free hosting available. So here I am….

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